Variety 5-Pack

5 Pack Bundle
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This product is organic, kosher & promotes direct trade. We work with Ecuadorian fine aroma cacao, the highest prized variety for its outstanding flavor profile. 

Each MUZE 10-piece box contains ingredients hand-picked to help lift you up or calm you down, depending on where you are in your day.

Includes five 30g (1oz) boxes of each flavor: 

🞂 MADE TO CALM, low-roast beans
70% Cacao, Andean Blueberry & Almond: Andean blueberry contains high levels of antioxidants to boost your natural defenses. Almond butter is rich in magnesium and is great for anxiety relief.
70% Cacao, Hemp & Cardamom: Hemp seeds are rich in magnesium, a natural weapon against stress. Cardamom induces feelings of tranquility.

🞂 MADE TO LIFT, high-roast beans
90% Cacao, Inca Nut & Coconut Oil: Inca nuts are high in nutrients which raise the good cholesterol in your body. Coconut oil boosts fat burning and provides fast acting energy. 
90% Cacao, Guava & Moringa: Guava is high in vitamins which improve blood circulation and cognitive function. Moringa is a rich source of iron and calcium which serves as a natural energy boost.
100% Cacao: Cacao is beneficial for mood and mental performance. Unsweetened zero-calorie keto chocolate.

All, except our 100% Cacao chocolate, contain a small percentage of low-glycemic organic coconut sugar.