What do you mean by guilt-free? 

Our products are contain very little organic coconut sugar; the highest sugar you get in our products 30%. Your average chocolate is 70% sugar and additives. Also, MUZE is portioned so you enjoy a healthy snack anytime throughout the day.

Why is MUZE socially responsible?

MUZE reinvests 5% of all profit into capacity building for farmers in the Manabí province, in the coast of Ecuador through our partner non-profit AVANTI. A detailed report of our activities will follow at the end of 2019.

Is MUZE really vegan? 

Yes, none of our recipes contain animal products and it will continue to be this way.

What does bean-to-prism mean? 

We control for quality and fairness from the moment our beans are acquired to the point each MUZE prism is made. 

What does direct trade mean? 

We cut back the middleman and purchase our beans directly from farmers in Ecuador.

What does single origin mean? 

Our fine cacao is sourced specifically from the Manabí province; valued for its complex aromatic profile.

What is Non-GMO? 

Non-GMO means the agriculture behind our products has a positive environmental impact due to a low to no use of pesticides.  

How is MUZE a functional product?

Our cacao is paired with ingredients that, due to their nutritional value, may either lift or calm your mood. This means our recipes are designed to serve a specific function.

Do I need an account to purchase online?

You do not need to create an account for one-off purchases. However, we encourage you to join the free-guilt movement and create a user account. 

Is MUZE keto diet friendly? 

Our Simply Cacao is 100% cacao solids, no added sugar. It’s a perfect complement for a ketogenic diet. More options coming soon.

Are all the products organic? 

We are certified EU and USDA organic.