Why Ecuadorian Cacao

Fine ecuadorian cacao is the highest prized variety. This is partially due to its scarcity -only 5% of all cacao is fine cacao and Ecuador produces more than 60% of it- but also because beans from this particular terroir are valued for their aroma. Such complex profile may be due to cacao being originated 5300 and 2100 years ago in the Amazon region of Ecuador, as new evidence suggests.

It is no surprise that high-end chocoloatiers have been working with Ecuadorian cacao for decades. As Paul Richardson puts it, “Ecuador’s cacao zone is to chocolate connoisseurs what Bourdeaux is to wine lovers”.

 Our Cacao

We work with fine organic cacao only. Each bean is selected by hand to make sure it meets our standards. Our cacao is sourced directly from producers in the Manabí province of Ecuador at a fair price. We work with farmers and their families to rise out of poverty and generate sustained growth.

The Benefits of Cacao

Cacao is high in antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids. They have an effect on cardiovascular health  which act as prevention mechanism against degenerative diseases. Another antioxidant, epicatequina, is also found in cacao. It elevates the level of nitric oxide and relaxes blood vessels which improve blood flow and also improves memory loss when aging. Cacao also helps to reduce fatigue and reduces systolic pressure.

Cacao is also a natural stimulator, a happiness booster and a calming superfood. When consumed regularly, it helps to reduce fatigue and reduces systolic pressure. Also, cacao contains teobromina, which has a positive effect on the nervous system similar to coffee. Another attribute is feniletilamina, a neurotransmisor is associated with love that may cause feelings of euphoria. And, lastly, anandamide -a natural psychotropic of the human body may transmits sensations of calmness and cedation.