Our Story

It all started as a social development project run by the Ecuadorian non-profit organization AVANTI, founded by Carolina Pozo back in 2009 helping improve the socio-economic conditions of cacao farmers in rural Ecuador. To generate a sustainable and fair supply chain, Carolina promoted the creation a new business that will generate social impact while disrupting the global chocolate market with a new innovative cacao product, MUZE.

How did we do this?

That journey immersed us in the world of chocolate, where we wondered why most people in craft chocolate were making bars. This lack of innovation results in chocolate being associated with candy.

We created MUZE to challenge conventions and for chocolate to be consumed guilt-free by rethinking portions, cacao percentage, and smart pairing of ingredients to achieve functionality. 

Through MUZE, we are confident chocolate will be regarded as a healthy snack and associated to those moments where you need either a break or focus during the day.