Our Product

Our fine organic cacao is sourced directly from producers in the Manabí province of Ecuador at a fair price. Then the beans are roasted and the chocolate crafted in Quito.

We practice direct trade, meaning your purchase goes back to origin, hands down. No middlemen are involved in the process of acquiring the cacao beans since they are the main factor for poverty perpetuation in rural areas.

We work with fine organic cacao only, the highest-priced and most valued cacao variety. This ensures farmers receive a better income. On top, we allocate proceeds into capacity building programs. Our goal is to improve the lives of cacao farmers we work with and to sustain -and spread- this impact in the long run.

We carefully pair our cacao with organic ingredients, each with a specific function. To that, we add low percentages of organic coconut sugar which range from 0% to 30% sugar at max. Your average milk chocolate contains 70% sugar cane or other sweeteners, plus added emulsifiers, soy lecithin and artificial ingredients. MUZE is about simplicity and real ingredients.

We make sure all produce is fine aroma (or "arriba nacional"), non-GMO, organic cacao. Each bean is selected by hand to make sure it meets our standards. We seriously invest time and resources in perfecting our recipes. This means finding the perfect roast and conch for each of our products.

Our team of collaborators include a Food Engineer, Chocolate Experts, Designers and professional Sommeliers. We are deeply thankful to them and for the Farmers' know-how, passion and technique, for which MUZE is unique.